What A Deal!!!

Feed your family without spending a lot. When you call in your order ask for this 2 pizza deal.
It’s two 12″ pizzas with up to 2 toppings ea. Both pies for $18.99 plus tax.

NOT $18.99 each. $18.99 for two…woo hoo!
I’ll try to figure out how to add this deal to
Our online ordering platform as well as
#Doordash #ChefTaxi, and #Waitr for your convenience.
Bone app a teet

Offers ends December 31, 2020

#LivinOnTheWedge #realpizza #pizzafest #awesomedeals


$18.99 plus tax

Offer expires: 12/31/2020

Customer Appreciation Special

 14¨Pepperoni pizza for $7 + tax

Buy one or a ton for $7 each. Carryout/pickup only.  No third-party deliveries for this one.

This offer is good everyday until the last day of the year. Cannot be combined with other specials.  Don’t love it till you try it! 🙂

Order at the pick up window , by phone at 318-855-5006
< OR >
Thru our website at www.pizzafest4u.com.
We call this the “Crowd Pleaser” Ask for it by name!


$7.00 each plus tax

Offer expires: 12/31/2020